Francois Fortier
Francois Fortier


I’m a Technical Consultation  for enterprise mobility solutions, a techie, a geek and media junkie, a Montrealer and one of 2FatDads.com. I have been known to blog there past where I also had a regular DadCast  with some other Fat Dads. I Tweet from time to time but you will mostly find me on Strava, Instagram, so follow @JohnnyCanuck, I’ve also been known to let out a few French Tweets too: @JohnnyLeCanuck.

So when I’m not swiping away on my iPad  or tapping my iPhone, I’m pretty much riding my bike, sailing Fireballs and our family C&C 27 or sliding up and down the powdery slopes  of The Great White North. I’m a little bit of an adventurer and will always prefer to dodge trees screaming down a mountain, paddle through the calmest or whitest of waters, ride some waves and harness the power of the wind then sit on a bike watching yet another screen with 20 other sweaty fat dads. As small as the Internet and Social Medias make this beautiful blue marble look, it’s a really really big place that I hope to see more of as the kids grow up and adopt some of my crazy hobbies.

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